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Another MOD

My Quiz

Name? Lauren
Location? Waltham
Journal name? Plaidstripdwall
How do you spoon your printer? Orally ha
Name 3 holiday plants
1Christmas Tree
2Hoilday Tree
3Hannaka Bush
Where are you going to be alone? my room
What did you do the moments following filling out this survey? Do more stuff for the community
Would you rather fork or spoon your printer? FORK MAN!!!
Sing your fav childhood theme song? HAHA
Did you hear me singing it with you? OF COURSE
Name 3 local parks
1 Nipper mar
2 Leary
3 and um Gilmore
Pirates or penguins? Penguins
Are you afraid of the dark? No
Closet or dresser? Both
Name 3 fav quotes
1 “Never run in the rain with your socks on”-Billie Joe Armstrong
2 “Roll Roll Roll a joint twist it at the ends light it up take a puff and pass it to your friends”-Tre Cool
3 “Its magic cheese” Krystal Lucas
Creamy or crunchy peanut butter? CRUNCHY!!!
Are you a mod? Yes
Are you a bitchy mod? No
Can you smell it? Yes haha
Fairies or Elves? Fairies
At the mall do you prefer to be harassed by fat men dressed as Santa or as bunnies? Bunnies
Name 3 original pokemon
Do you believe in Care Bears? yes
Pepsi or Coke? PEPSI
What about captain planet? yes
Did you know he’s a hero? no
Do dog Sweat? no
17 word story about spoons and printers with at least 3 plural nouns and spoons and printers do not count? I made it up I don’t have to do it
Do you play NeoPets? No
What do you do when: telemarketers, phone companies, Random Boy, ad agencies, call your home and bother you? Hang up unless it is the random boy lol
How did you know I like to sleep under the blankets? Because I was watching you last night
Do you like Nutella? ???
Do you know what Nutella is? ???
Did your hamster try to kill it’s self? NO IT FUCKING DIED BECAUSE IT WAS OLD!
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a blow pop? Tootsie Pop!!!
You might be a redneck if….? Your dad walks you to school because you are in the same grade
Do you know what IT is? yes
Do you know where IT is? yes
Do you know who IT is? yes
Can you wipe your own ass? YES I CAN!! And very proud of it!
Tell 2 truths and a lie
1 I hate Green Day
2 I hate stupid people
3 I hate Haley
Where does your favorite extension cord plug into? Ha that’s for you to tell me
If so, what kind of jelly do you like on it? GRAPE
Do you get a funny feeling when you see your jelly? OH YEAH BABY
Was either of you angry about the decision? no
Did you take into account how the peanut butter feels about all this? The peanut butter is involved to don’t worry
Explain how you can get from having lunch with a married man to having sex with him? ha
Swallowed a penny, dime, marble, or something of that sort? no
Did you have to wear a uniform? no
What makes Nyquil so special? It makes you high as a kite and your teeth green merry fucking Christmas
List 5 things that you don't care about
1 stupid people
2 rap
3 manning
4 losing
5 sissy mods
6 mauhahahahaha
How many faces do you have? 6
Do you have a toaster for each one of your faces? yes
How about irons? No just toasters
What movie do you think was really stupid? That stupid movie that I didn’t understand with Jim carey in it
Victorian tea parties? sad
What is your favorite rude word? HOLY FUCKERS
Yes, but are you CLINICALLY insane? yes
Have you ever stolen condoms or tampons from restaurant? No (how the fuck did you come up with this one)
What about silverware or dishes or even someone's tip? yes
Did you at least try to save the spoons? yes
If you have to live in a hamster cage, would you rather have a plastic spinning wheel or a metal spinning wheel (whatever you call those things they run in)? Plastic
About how many times a week do the evil trolls come visit you? 546126545
Do you now regret joining this community? HELL NO
Are you going to take a banner? Duh
Can you see the light? Not yet
How long did this take you ?umm not long

Yeah so Hi I am Lauren. I am one of the MODs. This community is about being random and fun. You can say any shit you would like just don't be afenceive to other people because that starts shit that we would really not like to deal with. We hate rules so just have fun and don't piss other people in the community off please.Thanks

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