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woohooo!! first post!


Name? Alicia
Age? 17
Location? Newton MA
Journal name? crazy_leasha
How do you spoon your printer? That’s for me to know and you to find out!
Name 3 holiday plants
2. the chunnka bush
3. x-mas tree
Where are you going to be alone? In my special mind place
What did you do the moments following filling out this survey? Went to a meeting
Would you rather fork or spoon your printer? Spoon all the way baby!
Sing your fav childhood theme song? Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are! Up above the world so high, like a dimond in the sky… I don’t remember the rest…
Did you hear me singing it with you? Yep!
Name 3 local parks
1. cabot
2. nippermar
3. maple feild
Pirates or penguins? both
Are you afraid of the dark? Yes, yes I am!
Closet or dresser? dresser
Name 3 fav quotes
1 “in the end everything is ok, and if it isn’t than it isn’t the end”
2 "she wasn't like a juke box; you didnt have to put in a dime and she never came unplugged"
3"hate is caring in the wrong direction"
Creamy or crunchy peanut butter? Creamy
Are you a mod of any lj community? Yes
Are you a bitchy mod? I would like to think im not
Can you smell it? Yes and it was gross
Fairies or Elves? fairies
At the mall do you prefer to be harassed by fat men dressed as Santa or as bunnies? bunnies
Name 3 original pokemon
1 charzard
2 squrtial
3 meow
Do you believe in Care Bears? yes
Pepsi or Coke? pepsi
What about captain planet? Omg I loved him!
Did you know he’s a hero? Yes, and he is gonna make those villains go to zero or something..
Do dog Sweat? no
17 word story about spoons and printers with at least 3 plural nouns and spoons and printers do not count

One day there was bunnys, 2 henrys, and swing sets and they found spoon printer having kinky sex

Do you play NeoPets? I used to
What do you do when: telemarketers, phone companies, Random Boy, ad agencies, call your home and bother you? Tell them im gonna sue them
How did you know I like to sleep under the blankets? b\c the commercial told me
Do you like Nutella? yes
Do you know what Nutella is?yep
Did your hamster try to kill it’s self? kinda
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a blow pop? 8,093
You might be a redneck if….? You think nsync is where you keep your dishes!
Do you know what IT is? Your mama
Do you know where IT is? In the basement
Do you know who IT is? The hairy guy from the adams family
Can you wipe your own ass?yes
Tell 2 truths and a lie
1. im the mod of this community
2. I hate nirvana
3. I have 3 siblings
Where does your favorite extension cord plug into? My fav wall
If so, what kind of jelly do you like on it? grape
Do you get a funny feeling when you see your jelly? Omg yes!
Was either of you angry about the decision? No, we decided it would be best for the children
Did you take into account how the peanut butter feels about all this? Yes and we decided to take him to court b\c he is just way to rash
Explain how you can get from having lunch with a married man to having sex with him? Lunch will make you stuffed which will make you want to strech your legs go for a walk which will lead to your appretment which will lead to having sex!
Swallowed a penny, dime, marble, or something of that sort? nope
Did you have to wear a uniform? nah
What makes Nyquil so special? It’s original green death flavor
List 5 things that you don't care about
1. bitchy people
2.megans feelings
3.soap operas
4.bad tv\movies
5.people who are to full of themselves
6.when surveys add extra stuff w\o warning!
How many faces do you have? 9 not including the blue one
Do you have a toaster for each one of your faces? almost
How about irons? Like 8 per face including the blue one!
What movie do you think was really stupid? Made for tv life movies
Victorian tea parties? yes
What is your favorite rude word? fucktard
Yes, but are you CLINICALLY insane? No..
Have you ever stolen condoms or tampons from restaurant? Not from a restaurant…
What about silverware or dishes or even someone's tip? nope
Did you at least try to save the spoons? Sorry…
If you have to live in a hamster cage, would you rather have a plastic spinning wheel or a metal spinning wheel (whatever you call those things they run in)? plastic b\c metal would hurt my feet.
About how many times a week do the evil trolls come visit you? 3, usally on Fridays, I always bake them cakes
Do you now regret joining this community? nope
Are you going to take a banner? Im gonna make the banners for people to take so duh!
Can you see the light? No my roomies have it off
How long did this take you idk 15 minites?

well hello
im so happy to be posting and i think this community is gonna be soooo good once it gets up and running...

so for the weekly news lettter!
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well have fun!! and remeber feel free to say w\e

your mod
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